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02 October 2006

Easy Like Sunday Evening

Sunday evening in a cottage in Northern Ireland.

I'm working on the biggest paint by numbers kit ever created because the finished article is going to look great in our hallway, Dave's quietly swearing at the computer as he learns how to install Apache and MySQL because he's considering setting up our own server in a spare room and the television is showing wrestling - not even the WWE but TNA.

Earlier in the day we had the fun of traipsing around a wedding fair, deciding that chocolate fountains are the most disgusting thing ever invented and I spent a good 15 minutes trying to figure out how the hell you actually manage to get a full chapel length veil perched on your head and thinking that maybe having a bridesmaid might not be such a bad idea after all.....

And while I'm on that particular subject can I just take a moment to rant about how the hell anyone could have the cheek to charge more than a hundred quid for what basically amounts to a few metres of white netting with a plastic comb stitched into it?

Anyway, putting the paintbrush down I turned to Dave, pointed all this out and we came to the conclusion that we were officially the saddest fuckers on earth.

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